We are a lifestyle company bridging the gap between not talking about self-worth and talking about it. 


We are a national lifestyle brand creating product as an entry point to vulnerable conversations. Our mission is to remind you that you are So Worth Loving. 

Made up of individuals wanting to learn how to live their life with the truth fastened to their hearts that they are worth loving. 

We exist to remind you that no matter your history, past mistakes, career choice, relationship status, or the history you’ve come from, you are worthy of love.

We are bridge— creating product as an entry point to vulnerable conversations. We encourage our community to gain strength and help others gain their strength. We are all finding our way home and fighting the labels and lies that keep us from believing we are So Worth Loving.

today, we're a national lifestyle company

It all started with a Tumblr Blog and fabric spray paint... 

We exist to remind you of your worth so you can remind other of theirs.

We’ve sold to all 50 states and over 35 countries and 100 college campuses and on a continual journey of learning and growing! 

Our community has grown hundreds of thousands strong across the United States and the globe. We show up in local communities and lock arms with thought leaders, authors, and business owners who are also on a mission to remind individuals of their value and worth.

Our work has been featured in publications such as The Oprah Magazine, CNN, MSNBC, INC, Southern Living, and Atlanta Magazine. Our story has been shared throughout corporations, conferences, and universities, and we are so grateful for the hearts and minds that want to spread this message. 

Hello, I'm Eryn

about the founder

the girl behind it all

Raised by two furniture makers on a lot of land in the North Georgia mountains. I've been learning to lead So Worth Loving for the last decade. I've seen individuals overcome depression, anxiety, verbal abuse, physical abuse, and eating disorders by seeking healthy, safe people to confide in and find resources out there to help find light in the middle of darkness. 

While I wouldn’t consider myself an expert—on anything, really—in my 12 year journey of observing, learning, and growing in the mission of storytelling, I have developed an understanding that when people are honest and vulnerable in their own stories, it compels others to respond likewise. So Worth Loving is a bridge to the conversations that scare us. 

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established 2011

based worldwide


Our Story's

first spray paint tee

March 2011

first screen printed tee

November 2011

first online store launched

Monday 2011

first office space 10x10 office



second office space 600 sqft office


southeast tour - raised $32,000 from our community and traveled 10 cities in 13 days






moved our product and shipping responsibilities into  warehouse so we could focus on our community


reached burn out and went through a divorce


wrote and published the so worth loving book


released our first online virtual events that created our community space

In Between '19 -'22

Continued shipping all over the world from our facilities located in other states and maintained online sales, creating experiences through pop ups, conferences, and markets


a brand new start, a new home.

We toured the southeast to 10 cities in a sprinter van

We're on
100 College Campuses

We're in over
20 retail stores

Sold to 50 states and 35 countries

Fun facts

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So Worth Loving, it's a lifestyle.
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