So Worth Loving

Worthy Pennant (1 LEFT!)

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Pennants were used in a crowd of spectators to show support and encouragement to a team. So here ya go...the team you are rooting for is your own. Your health. Mental. Physical. Emotional. Wave this little pennant around despite the spectators and be still in the truth that you are worth loving.

They were also used as trophies. Consider this your prize...your trophy for working hard on that soul of yours. You have to be your biggest fan in order to accept love from someone else. THIS is your trophy for working hard on rebuilding your life.

Hang it in your dorm room, your bedroom, your bathroom, your kitchen—anywhere you can look up and be reminded that you are worthy. The more we read it, the more we start to believe it.


  • Black felt
  • 4" x 10"

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