The Beginning of Hard Seasons Video Transcript

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With her hair tied up into a high ponytail, Eryn Eddy is sitting on the couch in a living room wearing a short sleeved heather gray t-shirt, skinny jeans, and a dainty silver necklace with two SWL charms. A furry white blanket is draped over her lap.

I'm gonna ask you a question and uh...I would love for you share in the comments how you have...what you've gone through (or not—you don't have to be specific) but maybe just share some encouragement as well for anybody that's watching this. I think that your comment and what you've learned can attribute to helping somebody else. So, I have a question, but first...

Eryn puts her arms together and pretends to clack them like a clapperboard and says "action!"

My question is...have you ever gone to the beach and the lifeguard has those flags up and it's like yellow flag means be careful/undercurrent, red flag is like sharks!, green flag is like you go for it! Eryn laughs. And sometimes, I think in life...well for me I know that I've gone out to the ocean, literally, when there's been a red flag, and I've gone out to the ocean when there's been a yellow flag and a green flag. Have you ever been in a season of life where you have, and it's typically the early stages of a hard—of entering into a really hard season where you're in a tidal wave. And you could have been in this tidal wave because you decided to swim out there or you fell out the boat. Eryn chuckles. And you were not planning to be in this tidal wave. I don't think anybody plans to be in a hard season of life. You're just trying to do your best. You got caught up and now you don't know what to do. Okay, so what do you do with that, right? You're in the tidal wave. You don't know if you're swimming down to the sand, sideways, to the shore, up for literally have no idea where you're swimming. It's so important in that time to have one or two, it doesn't need to be like twenty, just one or two people that can be a part of bringing you up for air and helping you come to safety, to the shore. But how do you know who those people are? Who's trustworthy? 'Cause the truth is when you're early into the stage of that tidal wave, you don't know who to trust because you don't trust you. 'Cause you don't even trust where you're at. You thought you've been trusting yourself this whole time, and then you're here. So who do you trust? Something that I learned in my tidal wave season was that friends that are honest with their past, friends that are honest with their current present state are not scared of your honesty because it takes honesty and compassion to get you up for air and to safety. Friends that are honest are not scared of your honesty. That's like—that's so simple, right? Like when I thought about that I thought that's so true because it's been the friends in my life—I'm sure the friends in your life—where you've been super honest and vulnerable with and you flinch because you're like uhhh they're gonna not love me anymore—and they don't care; they love you more because you're honest. Those friends know what it's like to have compassion and grace extended to them when other people gave them judgment and they know how much compassion and grace brought them to a place of healing and safety instead of judgment. And I've been on both sides so I'm not speaking for—I've been the judger and I've been the compassion-er. I don't even know if that's a verb but I made it one. So I want to encourage you...find that one or two...that one person or two people that can extend compassion and grace and not judgment because it is friends that are willing to sit in our transparency and us being honest and our wrestle with our honesty because they've done it. Find those people. Those are good. They're good. And let them be rock solid in their faith because you can lean in on them when you feel hopeless and faithless. *Muah* Eryn laughs.

Video ends.