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Over the last 10 years, So Worth Loving has seen individuals overcome anxiety, depression, self-harm, heartbreak, struggle with purpose, and learn to develop boundaries within toxic relationships.

Established in 2020, Love You Love People Inc (LYLP) serves our friends and family members that, too, struggle with believing they are worthy of love. With SWL selling to all 50 states and 30 countries, we decided to expand from your closet to your heart.

LYLP's mission is to bridge the gap between mental health and faith. How do we do that? We have seen the power of honest conversations in safe and mediated community. When individuals share their story someone else feels less alone in theirs and we believe that our story is not just for us but for others as well. It is to be a light to others that are experiencing darkness.  

We have created a space where you can share your story and learn from others. You can find vetted FREE resources such as: podcasts, videos, and books. We put on a FREE event once a month gathering professionals in the mental health and faith community to share wisdom on how to live your life through the lens that you are worth loving. 

Learning to navigate life's toughest challenges can feel very isolating and we believe no one, absolutely no one, is alone in their pain—we just need talk about it. Safely.

We knock down the barriers to vulnerability. We dissipate shame and we lead individuals to the path of learning how to live their life with the truth that they are worth loving so they can then help someone else.

If you'd like to lock arms with our 100% volunteer based team to help us further
the message that you & everyone around you are worthy of love, you can donate above.






I found SWL in 2016 during the midst of navigating my own self-recovery through an eating disorder; and WOW—BEST. DISCOVERY. EVER. Even 4 years later, my love for SWL's message and mission grows with each new launch, project, and post.


Your company has opened the eyes of so many people to the lies of unworthiness that the enemy is trying to breed among us. I am one of them…I could not see past all of my failures with relationships and friendships. I felt like a burden, a hopeless void of existence. So Worth Loving reminded me of the simple truth of self worth, before I ever brought anything to the table. I can vividly remember feeling the guilt of hurting myself when I wore their shirts. It. Stopped. Me. From. Touching. My. Arm. That is so powerful when I look back. Thank you, God, for So Worth Loving. Thank you God that you are the God who restores.


Where do I begin? You’ve been there through it all (both SWL and Eryn). You were the words I always needed but couldn’t say to myself, the warm hug when no one was there to embrace me, the community I was always searching for. When I was diagnosed with ED, Major Depressive Disorder & Anxiety, I found you (2012–2014). When I was too scared to love myself my mom bought me my first sweater. In 2015 I found my voice in recovery and began working alongside SWL to promote the message of love on my college campus—love for myself, love for others, love despite it all. In 2016 when I left an abusive relationship, my first stop the next day was the SWL storefront to see Eryn. She walked with me every step of the way. SWL gave me strength to live despite everything fighting against me throughout my life. Since then, I’ve spread the message to students I work with, all my friends, and my family. SWL is my life so I ponder the thought “Where would I be today without SWL?” To be honest...I may not be alive. So Worth Loving isn’t just a clothing brand, it’s my saving grace, my safe place, my lighthouse.


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LOVE YOU LOVE PEOPLE® is a non-profit organization bridging the
gap between not talking about the struggles of self-worth and talking
about them. LYLP provides safe community and vetted resources.
LOVE YOU LOVE PEOPLE® is a So Worth Loving® partner.

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