The Golden Years


Hi SWL fam! We are so excited to introduce you to a new and exciting series: The Golden Years. In this series, we will be introducing you to some of our sweet friends at a nearby retirement community, Lutheran Towers. A few weeks ago, the SWL team had the opportunity to go spend the day with the Lutheran Towers community, listen to their stories, cry with them, laugh with them, and hear about all of the beautiful lessons that they’ve learned over the years. This experience changed us, and we hope that giving you a glimpse into what we were able to see and hear will inspire and change you too. As we leaned in and listened to their stories, our eyes welled as we heard about the victories, love, heartbreak, tragedy, and celebration that their lives have seen. This group of people is loving, fierce, determined, and they have some great advice for all of us. Survivors of cancer, rape, divorce, and heartbreak, they encourage all of us to keep going, live in today, and never give up. Join us over the next few days as we share their stories and lessons learned, and let their words ring true in your own life as you also push through today, tomorrow, and all that is to come.

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