Nelda's Story

Nelda - 72

Meet Nelda! She is 72 and is a cancer survivor that knows how much attitude can change your life. Having endured multiple cancers, molestation, and robbery, Nelda inspired and encouraged us to never stop fighting. Her beautiful words on choosing life and loving others were powerful and provoking. We hope they speak to you the way they did to us!

 “It doesn’t matter what knowledge you have if you don’t have a good attitude.” – Attitude changes everything. Our outlook determines our actions, how we treat others, and how we approach life. Keep a thankful attitude. Hold your head high and carry the confidence that you can conquer today. You are worthy of love.

 “You have to choose to fight.” – Fighting for ourselves isn’t always easy. We don’t always have the energy, and we don’t always feel like we’re worth it. But we are. You are. Fight for yourself today. You deserve it. And on the days when you feel like it’s too hard to fight for yourself, know that we are here surrounding you, cheering you on, and fighting for you.

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Well this totally made me tear up! “Fight for yourself today. You deserve it.”

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