Brenda's Story

Brenda – 68

Meet Brenda! She is kind and soft spoken, with a passion for learning and you would certainly never guess all that her life has endured. We are so thankful for her incredible vulnerability as she shared with us all of the mountains and valleys her life has seen. Over the course of four marriages she has endured poisoning, cheating, and abuse. Brenda shared that she always seemed to pick all of the wrong guys, but her experience has taught her a lot about life, choices, and perseverance. We can all learn from sweet Brenda!

 “Learn to fight for yourself by never giving up.” – You’re worth it. You’re worth fighting for and your life is work sticking around for. Don’t give up. You are valuable and you are needed. Show yourself the love you deserve by fighting for yourself. Fight for the things you love and the things that bring you life. You are worthy of that fight!

“You are stronger than you know and you can bounce back from disruption.” – Life isn’t always easy. We fall and we get hurt and sometimes we feel like it’s all too much to handle. But you are strong. You are stronger than you ever thought you were. It is not over. It is not the end. You can bounce back. You are capable.

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You’re so beautiful! Thank you for sharing!!!

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