Barbara Lee's Story

Barbara Lee – 74

Say hello to our friend Barbara Lee! She is 74 and she stole our heart from the second we met her. She is a free spirit who loves travel, and wishes that she’d done a lot more of it. Barbara married her husband at 21 and then, as she says, had a little rebellious streak. She began to pursue dancing and travelled for a few years. Eventually, she returned to her husband after learning that “life goes on and dancing is just exercise.” Her joyful presence had us all smiling, and we received some great advice from her.

“If you love others, you will teach them how to love. If they never had that example, you may be the only version of love they see.” -  Barbara Lee believes in being a light in someone else’s life. She reminded us that hurt people hurt people, and maybe they just need to be shown some love. You could be that love and life in their life, so love people hard!

“Take time to heal at your pace.” – Barbara Lee says that healing is a process, and that’s okay. We may not handle things the same way or heal at the same pace as the person next to us, and that’s okay. It is. Take the time you need, and never be afraid to heal at your own pace.

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